The Queen Of Stars And Snow

She was the queen of stars and snow, and on any given night you could see her gliding along the horizon notepad in hand, charting the lives of her precious stars. On the nights where the sky seemed to be completely empty and there was darkness as far as the eye could see is when we would witness just an inkling of her true power. She would thrust her hand into the dark abyss and when she pulled it back out, a small bright star could be seen. Our queen would then sit down on the ground and converse with it for hours before sending it on its way. It was in those moments where we recognize the birth of a star.

The word beautiful did no justice to the sight and we would always watch, awestruck, and in wonder. The stars danced in her hand and occasionally she would laugh. A melodious sound that traveled around the kingdom and into the hearts of everyone who could hear it. Before she would send off a star, she would lean in really close and whisper to it. The star’s light would dim for a quick second before shining to its true brightness.

I remember one time when I was a little boy, I tried to creep up behind her to get a closer look at the star, but she caught me. Instead of scolding me she turned her head with a smile and gave me a wink. I ended up back at home in bed, and while some may think it was just a dream, I knew deep down that it really happened. She was magic.

Our queen was lovely and we felt so lucky to have her. As delicately and lovingly as she treated the stars was how she treated every single subject of her kingdom. Even when we received visits from kingdoms near and far, their ambassadors and emissaries would comment on her grace, intelligence, and power.

It was the snow that took her away from us. One winter morning she walked off into a whirlwind of snow and flurries and we haven’t seen her since.

Since then our tiny kingdom has vanished. But as for those of us who are left, we wait for her return. I imagine that some star out there needed a little more help than others and that once it was okay we would see her again, gliding on the horizon, talking to the stars.



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